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Everything here was created while using Windows 2000

Edward Furlong says: Welcome! Please sign the guestbook while you're here.

Welcome to my website. I am using Windows 2000 to create this website. I'm running into issues, I've realized how far we have come in terms of web design! This site is a experiment and constantly being updated for that reason. Mostly because I don't know how to preview the site without clicking 'save' before 'view'.

I am trying to recreate an authentic 90's-00's experience here, though the music player is an exception - I had to add it while on Windows 10. It will not work with browsers meant for Windows 2000.

I use Pale Moon Browser on Windows 2000 to access Neocities. I use Oracle VirtualBox to run Windows 2000. For the best possible experience, I recommend you use Windows 2000 and a capable browser for the OS to view this website. It'll give you the ultimate vintage experience!

August 22, 2020